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Nationalization at Nestlé
Our Commitment to Local Talent

Nestlé is a global organization, reliant on talent locally to help sustain our position as the world's largest food and drink company. We are always seeking ways to further enrich our talent pipeline by encouraging local talent to apply for roles here in the Middle East.  We believe people with a knowledge and lived experience of a country help to give us competitive advantage, and help us serve the markets in which we operate.

In certain markets we run "Centre's of Excellence", which help to identify and nurture young talent through development programmes, and we're often on the lookout for more experienced local talent to join us in a variety of roles too.  

Fundamentally, we are committed to all talent, and foster diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

People First
What Nationalization opportunities are available?

We have opportunities across many of our functional areas, including (but not limited to) HR, Sales and Nutrition.

Where do you run Nationalization hiring?

We are currently actively looking for local talent in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

How do I find open vacancies under the Nationalization initiative?

Visit our 'Job Search' page and type in the keyword 'Nationalization'.  From here you can filter the results for your country.

Who is eligible to apply?

For the Nationalization opportunities, we follow government regulations in that country; this varies country to country.


I'm not a National of the countries you mention, can I still apply?

As an organization with around 350,000 employees globally, we are always wanting to hear from talent, no matter their country of origin.  Although you won't be eligible to apply for the Nationalization roles, we encourage you to have a look and apply for jobs which match your skills, ambitions and experience.

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